Project’s Overview

InnoVET is an Innovative Modular Dual System Based on Business Processes Modeling and Simulation for Company Oriented Vocational Education and Training

The main objective of InnoVET is to promote open and innovative education, training and youth work with the design, implementation and adoption of an innovative modular VET IT Tool in order to include modeling and simulation of business processes of real enterprises in the training programmes of VET schools.

The InnoVET project is financially supported by European Union under the Programme: Erasmus+, Key Action 2: Cooperation for Innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices, Strategic Partnerships for Vocational Education and Training.

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  • TEI of Eastern Macedonia & Thrace, Greece (Coordinator)


    Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Institute of Technology spans in 3 cities in northern Greece, Kavala, Drama and Didymoteicho, each one with its own Schools and Departments, offering a wide range of high-level courses which cover almost every cognitive object of higher education.

  • Forschungsinstitut Betriebliche Bildung GmbH, Germany


    Research and programme piloting in the fields of occupational training, data collection and evaluation.

    Occupational training makes a key contribution to the German economy and has long been a key economic sector in its own right. However, the inexorable march of globalization has reduced the financial resources available in this field as in so many others. Hence, both the public and private sectors now face the challenge of providing occupational training fit for the future.

    The occupational training think tank Research Institute for Vocational Education and Training (f-bb) supports the modernisation of systems of occupational training with practically-orientated research. Working closely with public and private sector clients, we develop occupational training strategies that are fit for the future, and also conduct research into the suitability of these measures for specific work settings. The range of services we offer includes:

– basic research,

– carrying out vocational training pilot projects,

– producing case studies and collecting and evaluating empirical data, and

– providing expert advice on programmes and pilot projects.

  • Innovation marketing is an integral part of our work. f-bb also holds conferences, produces related websites and publishes two series of publications addressing specific subjects, which are published under two in-house imprints.


  • Association for Education And Sustainable Development, Romania

    The goal of the Association is to promote lifelong learning in society in order to facilitate the development of an active citizenship, social cohesion and employment.

    Association for Education and Sustainable Development (AESD) is an educational centre whose main activities are delivering formal and informal adult education, building an organized system of consulting, information and training with a lifelong duration. One of the activities of the association is to analyse the needs of the region and to make a network of local centres of distance learning (education), easily accessed by the unfavoured zones.
    The SWOT analysis of the Regional Development Agency No.3 South Muntenia pointed out that there isn’t any concordance between the educational offer of the schools and the requests of the labour market. The Association tries to be complementary to the educational network that already exists and to offer more flexibility for the lifelong learning of adults. One of the goals of the Association is to give to marginalized adults (unemployed, ethnic groups) an access to lifelong learning and to current job experience in order to be able to obtain (fixed) employment in the long term. For example, the learners will be prepared for identification of local market opportunities in order to create and develop self business ideas, also to promote active involvement in community affairs. Special emphasis is given to the improvement of social competence and learning on demand.
    Our association maintains the connection with the local authorities to know the perspective of regional development and we think that adult education strategy must be made at this level.

    By participating in European projects, the Association aims to improve its informing and training ability upon the public opinion concerning the ”lifelong learning” concept. The Association would care to support the local authorities in making all Calarasi county citizens become aware that, in the kind of society we are heading to, a lifelong learning concept may become the very engine of local and regional regeneration. Providing the authorities in charge with the matter are going to appreciate the final outcomes of these projects, an increased area of implementation might be considered.


  • Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Institute of Technology
  • Research Institute for Vocational Education and Training (f-bb),  Nuremberg, Germany
  • Association for Education and Sustainable Development AESD Călărași, Romania